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About Me

My hometown is Green River, Wyoming. After college I moved to Jackson Hole where I lived for nearly 25 years.  It's such an amazing place; one that I'll always cherish. My playgrounds were the parks, of course, Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. My surroundings made me passionate about art. If I'm not outside recreating - hiking, skiing, running, or fly fishing - I'm in my shop making jewelry. In addition to being a silversmith and fabricator, I love to paint. 


I started painting about 10 years ago and found that I really enjoy it.  I don't have formal training for painting, only passion. I read about techniques frequently to refine my skills.  Most of my paintings are landscapes, but I'll paint anything. My father is also a jewelry fabricator and a painter. He encourages me to pursue my passions. It runs in the family!  I moved to Denver, CO in 2013.  I plan to stay here for a while. I'll always call Jackson Hole my home, but I'm thrilled knowing that CO is also a beautiful place.

Let me know if you need anything customized.


Thanks for visiting my site.


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